Sometime in 1934, the Kuo-Min-Tang (Bacolod Chapter), the Negros Occidental Chamber of Commerce, and the Fil-Sino Organization joined in establishing a Chinese school in Bacolod City. Chinese parents and community leaders had long felt the need for an educational institution where the children of the Chinese community could learn not only the rudiments of English studies but also the arts and culture of the land of their ancestors.

TAY TUNG, meaning “equality for all, whether rich or poor, regardless of race, creed, and religion”, was chosen as the name of the school. This noble concept was greatly emphasized by Confucius and, appropriately, Tay Tung has for its Founder’s Day the date when that well-known sage was born on the 28th of September. The office of the Kuo- Min-Tang at Smith Street served as the first location of the school.

Mr. UY KONG HAN (1934-1939) was the first Principal of 17 enrolled students. Due to financial instability during the early years, there was a time when the school was forced to close its operation. Five years later, in 1939, the organizers were able to raise funds with which to buy a 2,645 square lot at Luzuriaga Street. Here, the school building, library and other school facilities were constructed.

With improved school facilities, more students enrolled under Mr. CHUANG CHAI CHZONG (1939- 1941). Unfortunately, when the Second World War broke out in the latter part of 1941, the school operation was suspended.

After the war in 1945, the school resumed operation with Mr. KHO SIAK HI (1945-1946), the principal of Silay Puey Ching School, as concurrent Tay Tung Principal, and with Mr. Gil T. Severino as the School Head of the English Department (1945-1964).

Mr. SHIM CHI KONG (1946-1948), the school supervisor, was then elevated to the position of Principal, but he left for China in 1948.

As new Principal, Mr. ROBERT YU (1948-1953) helped in the expansion of our school building. In the summer of 1950, the high school curriculum was added to the school offerings.

In 1951, a two hectare lot in Libertad Street, the present site of the school, was acquired.

The government recognized the school’s educational system during the term of Mr. YAO E. CHING (1953-1954), and Professor JEN TAI (1954-1955). Then the school offered 6 years of Chinese studies at the Secondary Level during Mr. SHIM CHI KONG (1955-1961) term.

The school’s leadership was taken care of by Mr. CUA SIOK PO (1961-1962) and Mr. ONG BI CHEONG (1962-1968) where the school continued to flourish. Tay Tung had its first alumnus to serve as principal Mr. YU AN SUN (1968-1970, 1974-1975).
To complete the curriculum, Mr. BENITO O. MESINA (1970-1974) introduced sports and cultural activities. He was succeeded by Dr. WILLIAM HSIEH (1975-1976).

MISS LUZ V. NAVARRA (1976-1979), a newly retired public school supervisor, was hired by the Board of Trustees to be the Academic Director for a three-year term. Without a Principal, the Academic Affairs Committee (1976-1979), composed of five members namely: Mr. ALFONSO LUIS G. TANMr. JOSE GOMr. MANUEL ALBAYMr. CESAR YULO CHUA, and Mr. JUANITO R. LEONG, managed the affairs of the school with Miss Navarra.

After Miss Navarra’s term, the committee, with yearly alternating chairpersons, namely, Mr. ALFONSO LUIS G. TAN (1979-1980) and Mr. JOSE GO (1979-1980), continued to administer the school operation for another school year; with its Executive Secretary, Miss LEU LITA L. CU, performing the duties of a principal.

Miss LEU LITA L. CU (1980-1986) spearheaded the formulation of the rules and regulations of the school, the standardization of the teachers’ salaries, and the Faculty Development by encouraging her faculty to further their studies. The school’s 50th Golden Anniversary was celebrated in 1984.

Mrs. ERLINDA T. LEONARDO (1986-1997) – During her administration, Chinese education was highlighted. Speech subjects were added to both High School and Elementary Chinese Curriculum which prompted the administration to add Saturday morning classes.

In 1998, Mrs. EMELITA M. CHEN (1998-2001), an alumna, was named Principal with Mr. Dy Kian Kun as the Academic Affairs Chairperson. She served with the vision and commitment of improving classroom management and other teaching-learning strategies.

In the Second Semester of 2001, Mrs. DY KIAN BEE (2001-2004), an alumna, Chairman of the Academic Affairs Committee SY 2002, and Member of the Board of Trustees, guided the school affairs. In the following school year, Mrs. Dy accepted the offer and became the next principal. Her primary thrust was to make the Bacolod Tay Tung High School educational program more relevant and effective in meeting the needs of the learners. It is during her term when the Chiao Kuang Educational Center (2002), the new Pre-school Building (2004) were constructed. The Home Economics offices and classrooms were also renovated.

Mrs. MA. VICTORIA T. AVANCE (2004-2006) was appointed Principal with Mr. JOHN WEI KUN TSAI (Chinese Studies Consultant in SY 2003-2005; Assistant Principal in SY 2005-2006). 



For three years (2006-2009), the Board of Trustees through the 3-Man Administrative Committee (2006-2009) composed of Mr. ANDRES S. VALENCIA (President – Board of Trustees); Mr. EUSEBIO W. PO (BOT Chairman- Academic Affairs Committee); Mrs. DY KIAN BEE (BOT Director and Former Principal) administered the school with the help of Dr. MARY JANE C. UY  as Educational Consultant.

In September 2008, Mrs. NILDA M. MONGE (2008-2013) was installed as the new Principal of the school. She pursued the new paradigm of change that strengthened BTTHS, and ensured that the school will continue its relevance to its stakeholders and the community at large. She encouraged students and faculty to participate and be active in extra-mural activities. She worked on the installation of the Human Resource and Development Office and the Modernization of the Records Office. She was also instrumental in bringing Brother Armin Altamirano LuistroFSC to visit the school in 2012.  

On June 1, 2013, ISABELITA T. PERIGUA, Ph.D. (2013-2018) took over as the new school principal. She aligned all educational policies and school activities for the full implementation of the K to 12 Enhanced Basic Education of 2013 of Republic Ac 10533. With the approval and support of the Board of Trustees, she prepared the ground for the implementation of the Senior High School curriculum, PAASCU accreditation, and upgrading the school services. Under her administration, Bacolod Tay Tung High School, Inc. was certified by PEAC as GASTPE participating school of which Grade 7 students shall qualify as recipients of this government grant up to Senior High School.

On June 1, 2018, Engr. PHILIP P. CARPINA became principal. His main thrusts include positive school culture and technology integration in classroom instruction.

In November 2018, the school was granted initial accreditation by the PAASCU.

Together with the Board of Trustees, Teachers, and Staff, the new administration aims to enhance the lives of Tay Tung students, to help them grow and succeed using the vision and mission of the school as the guiding torch in achieving its goals.