School Policy

School Uniform

  1. Students are required to wear prescribed complete school uniform properly when in campus during school days and on non-school days unless instructed to wear other than the school uniform.
  2. Physical Education (P.E.) Uniform should be worn only on the scheduled P.E. classes.
  3. Boys in the elementary level who are 5'3" in height may opt to wear long pants instead of short pants.
  4. Any undershirts should be plain white without print.


  1. Wearing of make-up nail polish is not allowed for both boys and girls.
  2. Boys should have no earrings or any piercings in the ears and nose among others.
  3. Girls should not have other piercings aside from the earlobe.
  4. Hair dying is not allowed and wearing of expensive jewelry is strongly discourage.
  5. Boys should wear their short preferably crew cut.
  6. Always look tidy and neat.

School I.D. Policy

  1. For Pupils/Students
    • Valid school I.D. for the current year must be worn visibly at all times when entering the school gate and while inside the school campus.
    • The school I.D. is part of the complete uniform.
    • The school I.D. is non-transferrable and must not be altered or mutilated.
    • Report lost school I.D. immediately to the Administration Office. A minimum fee shall be imposed for all replacement of I.D.'s.
  2. For Parents/Guardians/Fetchers
    • Avail and wear visibly the Fetcher's I.D. issued by the school.
    • The use of the Fetcher's I.D. is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian. Should there be changed of fetcher immediately inform the Admin office another I.D. pass with payment of P 25.00.
    • Report lost Fetcher's I.D. immediately to the Admin Office and apply for a replacement if not found. A fee shall be imposed on the second issuance of fetcher I.D.
  3. For Visitors
    • Visitor's Pass is available at the entry gate from the security personnel on duty for visitors who may enter the school campus. It is the standard operating procedure of the security personnel to check on bags,, packages and the like of students and visitors on entrance and exit of school campus. Visitor's Pass/I.D. should be worn visibly while inside the school.
    • Everybody is expected to wear decent clothes in entering school premises.

Other Security Policy

BTTHS, Inc. adopt DepEd guidelines on Campus Safety and Security of the school.

  1. Students must secure a gate pass from the Admin Office when leaving the school campus during class hours. The security personnel are instructed not to allow students to go out of the school premises during school hours.
  2. Prohibited drugs, cigarettes, alcoholic drinks and deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in the school campus and school sanctioned off-campus activities.
  3. Students are responsible for the safe keeping of their personal belongings.
  4. Only vehicles with current school car sticker pass will be allowed to enter the school campus.
  5. Any firearms and ammunitions are not allowed inside the school.
  6. Schedule of opening and closing of school gateway shall be issued by the school.
  7. No one is allowed to stay in the school campus after dismissal. The school will be closed at 6:30 p.m.