Alumni Scholarship Assistance


          Funded by the Welfare Fund, this scholarship assistance for deserving children of our alumni covers One-Fourth (1/4) tuition fee only excluding miscellaneous and other fees for (1) school year.

Beginning SY 2014-2015, this assistance shall be extended to ten (10) deserving students, to be distributed as follows:

In the high school level - Five (5) grantees;
In the elementary level (Grade 2-6) - Five (5) grantees;


  1. The scholarship assistance is open to those who are currently studying in Bacolod Tay Tung High School and whose parent(s) is or are bonfide alumnus/alumni. The parent must be a lifetime member of the Bacolod Tay Tung High School Alumni Association (BTTHSAA).
  2. Parents of the applicant must prove their incapacity to support and sustain the schooling of their children by submitting income tax returns, certificate of employment, if applicable, and an affidavit of such fact.
  3. Scholarship assistance is to be given to students who are enroll in Grade 2 up to 10.
  4. Applicant must have an average grade of at least 83% and must not have a grade below 80% in all academic and non-academic subjects including conduct (as shown in Form 138A). Those who do not meet the requirement need not apply.
  5. Applicants will be interviewed by the BTTHSAA officers for evaluation when neccessary.
  6. Scholarship assistance is limited to one students per family.
  7. Students who are availing of any other scholarship from the school, the Board of Trustees and full scholarship of any other organization cannot avail of this scholarship assistance.
  8. Scholarship grant is for one-fourth (1/4) tuition fee (excluding miscellaneous fees) for one (1) school year only. No automatic grant or extension of scholarship.
  9. A scholar must maintain the minimum grade requirement in order to reapply for scholarship for the next school year. Should he or she obtain a grade below the minimum grade requirement, he or she can no longer be given scholarship assistance by the BTTHSAA until he or she is again able to qualify.
  10. BTTHSAA reserves the right to reject or cease to give scholarship assistance to applicant/scholar who is found to submit false information and documents.
  11. The grant of this scholarship assistance is limited only to a certain number of scholars as approved by the BTTHSAA Board subject to the availability of the welfare fund.