Alumni Association

Bacolod Tay Tung High School Inc. Alumni

The Bacolod Tay Tung High School Alumni Association, Inc. was organized to enrich and strengthen the ties of goodwill and communication between Bacolod Tay Tung High School and the alumni who have passed through her gates, for their mutual growth, support and benefit.

The Board of Directors, comprised of the school's alumni, governs the Association by setting policy and providing guidance for its programs and activities. The Board is the primary representative body for all alumni and acts as an advocate for alumni opiniions and needs. The members are passionate about creating success for the Association and use their expertise and networks to help foster that success. They share the same values, competence and strengths in order to provide leadership to move the organization forward.



The Alumni Association aspires to perpetuate the bond among alumni wherever they may be, to develop opportunities for them, and to support the Alma Mater through their spirited involvement.


The Alumni Association is committed to keep our Alumni informed of its projects and accomplishments and those of our school in order to promote a sense of pride and to unite our alumni. It will serve as a link between the school and the alumni. It will provide a venue for our alumni to share their experiences, talents and financial resources for the advancement of all stakeholders of our Alma Mater.


  • Maintain, update and manage the Alumni Records database and provide access and service to all alumni.
  • Develop and maintain a strategic plan for a strong membership program.
  • Provide clear and compelling messages that effectively inform and build alumni loyalty.
  • Effectively manage revenues, expenses and assets within the Association so that resources are available to fully support the Association's programs.
  • Inform alumni and friends about the School and the Association through a comprehensive communication program.