Alma Mater Song

吾校皇皇,  多士蹌蹌 ,
願大家刻苦來為祖國爭光榮 。
同學們!  同學們!
智仁與勇 , 晝夜毋忘,
迎頭趕上!  趕上趕上!
大家負起責任促進世界大同 ,
大家負起責任促進世界大同 。

Hail Alma Mater dear
We praise thy fairest name,
We’ll fight and sacrifice for our native land
Dear students, most loyal sons,
Our mottos morality, humanity and bravery,
Don’t ever forget, forget, night and day,
Loyal children wave our colors
High above with fame,
Let’s uphold the Glory of TAY TUNG’s name.