The Support Facilities and Services is a network of offices and laboratories that augment the academic operations of the school.  They offer services and programs that complement our students’ academic performance which includes:

  1. Registrar's Office - It is the repository of all Academic records of students enrolled in the school and submits all required documents to the Department of Education. Diplomas, transcript of records, honorable dismissals, and other DepEd standard forms can be obtained from this office.
  2. Accounting Office - It is in-charge of all financial transactions in the school. This office collects and keeps track of the students' financial obligation. Financial statements of every student enrolled in the school could be obtained from this office.
  3. Guidance and Counseling Office - It is committed to assist the school in realizing its vision and mission through the implementation of programs, services and activities designed to develop holistic academic excellence, personal and social maturity in partnership with parents and the community.
  4. Health Services - it has a part-time medical doctor and dentist and full-time nurse and physical therapist who attend to the health care and immediate needs of students and school personnel. The staff is tasked to develop programs that would maintain healthy, sanitary and wholesome campus environment.
  5. Library/Instructional Media Center - It is fully air conditioned repository of books, textbooks, periodicals, magazines and other resources collected based on identified needs of academic programs particularly in research and reference. Adjacent to the library is the Instructional Media Center.
  6. Audio-Visual Room - It is a fully air conditioned venue for lectures, symposia, convocations, meetings, film showings and other educational and informative assembly equipped with the latest state of the art audio and video facilities. It is ideal also for intimate theater presentations, chamber music and other similar artistic endeavors.
  7. Technical Arts and Home Economics Lab - It provides venue for information and actual presentation of a well-balanced meal, proper food and beverage preparations and arrangements, table and chair settings and the pratice of the basic nutrition skills. The laboratory is well lighted, sanitary and ventilated equipped with cooking ranges, kitchen tools and utensils, China wares, cabinets and drawers, tables and chairs. It can be a training ground for love of housework and entrepreneurship.
  8. Computer Laboratories - Three (3) laboratories and one control room are available to maximize learner's experiences and for hands-on computer training. Each learner has access to one personal computer. These laboratories attune learners to be globally competitive. BTTHS, Inc. has set its direction towards becoming the premier seconday school where students do not just learn information technology but also experience it. To achieve this goal, the administration has aligned their computer curriculum to the K to 12 program of DepEd. The school is alos preparing to improve its IT infrastructure to deliver a blended learning approach in teaching students to learn more considering the materials used are a combination of video, audio and text which is not used in traditional learning methods. The school also has scheduled the establishment of a structure network infrastructure. This will improve the internet connectivity and allow better sharing of information. Lastly, the school has approved the development of information systems. for the efficient delivery of services to all its stakeholders.
  9. Science Laboratories - There are four (4) laboratories the Human Biology, Physics, Biology and Chemistry laboratories all fully equipped and stocked, and available to compy with the academic and experimental requirements of courses.
  10. Gym, Auditoriums and Covered Court - These venues are for learner's development through athletic and aesthetic competitions. The space is ideal for physical education classes, group dynamics, sports development program, cultural presentations and performances for large audience, institutional functions and ceremonies such as recognition and graduation rites.
  11. General Services Office - This office is tasked to supervise, protect, maintain,  and repair all school properties. Under this office are the maintenance and security personnel. Requisition of materials and other job orders related to school operation are coursed through this office.
  12. Bookstore - It provides students with books, school supplies and other educational peripherals at reasonable prices.
  13. Canteen - It is a ancillary services of the school to provide students and other clienteles with nutritious and healthy food items at reasonable prices
  14. BTTHS, Inc. Alumni Association - It is organized by graduates to create sustainable programs and to moblilize resources and talents for the development endeavors of their Alam Mater. The second floor of this building serves as the school museum.
  15. BTTHS, Inc. Educational Foundation - It provides scholarship for the career development of qualified graduates and the profesisonal growth and training of faculty recipients who can be of service to the school in upgrading services to students.
  16. Kinder School Building - This building is exclusively used for Pre-School Education. It is a 4-storey building with air-conditioned auditorium and activity center. It has amenities like sunken playground, conference room, laboratories and air-conditioned classrooms.
  17. School Reformation Center - There is an assigned in-charged of this center which takes charge of school discipline program. The center is concerned with the implementation of anti-bullying and child protection policy and laws of DepEd.