Philippine Science Olmypiad

By Hans Benedict Gaw Te

“Many are called, but few are chosen.”

Out of the many schools that joined the Regional Philippine Science Olympiad (PSO), only 3 schools were chosen from the different parts of Region 6 to represent in the National PSO.

Fortunately, inspite of being rookies in joining the contest, the representatives, Johnavel Ninoy, Reuben Tampos and Hans Gaw Te, together with their coaches Sir Nathan Fernandez and Ms. Sherille Dequina were awarded first runner-up as they attended the joint PSYSC seminar and contest in Dumangas National High School, September 2-4.

The top 20 schools around the Philippines proceeded to the National PSO that was held in University of the Philippines, Manila last September 24-25. This competition has 2 parts, the Written Test and the Practical. In the written test, each school is allowed to work as a group to answer the questions given in the 5 fields, namely Earth Science, Chemistry, Biology, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Physics. On the other hand, the practical test involves the mind and body being capable to finish an experiment with the help of theories and ideas.

A quiz bee was also held for the top 10 schools from each bracket to finally determine the winners. The contest was only for two days but as coach Ms. Sherille Dequina said, “A two-day conference is a life-changing experience for you. You are so lucky to be part of this contest.”