From Dream to Reality: TAY TUNG’s Massive Five Year Facility Development Plan

It used to be just a vision on the five-year development plan of Bacolod Tay Tung High School, but through the collaborative efforts of all board of trustees and active leadership of Mr. Alfonso Luis Tan, Mr. Dy Kian Kun, Mr. Eusebio Po, Mrs. Dy Kian Bee and the BOT President, Mr. Andres S. Valencia, it is now turning into a profound and tangible reality.

Most of the priority projects that Mr. Elbert Valencia included in the plan have already materialized under the supervision of the General Services Head, Mr. Vic Tan, BOT and the School Property Custodian, Engr. Joseph Benson Castro, RN. The following projects were already accomplished since it started in 2013.

  • Renovations of all comfort rooms
  • Campus building beautification
  • Improved classrooms with new chairs and desks
  • Improved gymnasium facilities
  • Installation of air conditioning units in all classrooms
  • Kinder building rooftop activity areas
  • New school service bus

Since the school year 2016 – 2017 is about to start, students, teachers, and parents will be amazed to see the latest improvements around the campus. These are the most recent projects that were finally realized;

  • Completion of the covered court
  • Human Biology Laboratory
  • Installation of LCD projectors in all classrooms
  • Expansion of the parking lot near the Po Hang Gym
  • New Japanese garden in front of the science laboratories
  • New children’s playhouse set (donated by Mr. Luis Ong, BOT)
  • Renovated lobby with LED Flat TV for all school announcements (donated by Batch 90)
  • Construction of interactive classrooms equipped with OSOTO HD-200 desktop visualizers for Senior High School
  • Newly refurbished sports clinic (kudos to Mr. Ben Lo, BOT & Mr. Jose Montalbo, BOT for their unrelenting passion for sports)

The dream of a bigger and better Tay Tung continues as there are still more projects in the pipeline awaiting completion before 2017. With these upgraded facilities, we can expect to grow and develop world-class students who will excel in all fields. 

Authored by: Joram C. Ausente, M.A.Ed