Computer Lab

BTTHS Computer Department


Computer Laboratory 1

Computer Laboratory 1 is used by Secondary Level students. Equipped with 41 computer units and Multimedia Facilities (Amplified Stereo Sound System, LCD projector, complete set of Scanner, laser pointer etc.) and internet connection to ensure extensive hands-on training in preparation for use both in basic and professional computer courses.


Computer Laboratory 2

Computer Laboratory 2 is used by Elementary Level students. Equipped with 42 computer units and also Multimedia Facilities (Amplified Stereo Sound System, LCD projector, Scanner, laser pointer etc.) and internet connection to experience fun field hands-on activities in enhancing classroom learning.


Computer Laboratory 3

Computer Laboratory 3 is equipped with 40 computer units and also Multimedia Facilities (Amplified Stereo Sound System, LCD projector, Scanner, laser pointer etc.) and internet connection. It consists of add on Chinese Operating System and interactive programs that are used for Chinese classes to better their language skills in Chinese.

Business Technology classes also utilized the lab for integrating lessons in terms of business with technology.


Control Room

The Control Room is equipped with networking facilities for faster and convenient access to each student’s files and documents. Controlling the day-to-day operation of the three laboratories, the technical support team routinely checks and updates individual workstation and maximizes the use of each unit for student use. It also provides computer repair services and other computer related activities for faculty and students.


Computer Education Curriculum:

  1. Curriculum Reconstruction with integration of Business Technology Course.
  2. Offers advance Computer lessons using updated Software like Office Productivity, (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access), Videography, Photoshop for Imaging Software, Macromedia Flash for Animation, Macromedia Dreamweaver for Webpage Designing.
  3. Integrates all grade and year level software packages available onsite to enhance classroom learning experience.
  4. Designs and integrates technology-based instruction and/or multimedia presentations that include: text, tables, graphs, drawings, diagrams, photos, videos, sounds, and/or active objects to support teaching and learning
  5. Integrates multiple technologies into lesson and/or presentation (CD /DCD ROMS, videos, scanner, personal digital assistants, digital cameras, laserdiscs, etc.) to improved instructional practice and maximize student learning.
  6. Additional Program Module for Robotics lesson.
  7. Enhances Webteach Program to further use Internet that can be able to access more up to date information which could otherwise not be available in books.
  8. Use of the laboratory for individual log-in of students and faculty.


  1. Newly acquired additional 44 Computer units for better hardware technology update.
  2. Advance Networking Facility to better serve students, faculty and staff.
  3. Served the Newly SCO Online Voting.